Misalignment of linear bearing

Misalignment of linear bearing

When engineers evaluate the quality of linear bearings, they often pay attention to performance factors such as speed, load capacity and service life. However, they are rarely sensitive to bearing deviations. This is a mistake. In fact, if there is a deviation in the linear bearing, it will lead to a reduction in life, so we should pay attention to this one.

Misalignment is one of the main causes of premature wear and failure of linear bearings. If the linear bearing is not aligned within the tolerance range required for normal operation, the linear bearing that should have been running for many years may stop working after only a few months of operation based on the calculation of expected life.

In general, alignment issues begin with the design and preparation of the rack itself. It is possible that the bearings were not installed sufficiently flat, straight or parallel when installed. For example, the mounting surface may have one or more protruding points that affect the installed linear bearing guides, or the design of the rack may increase difficulty by mounting the bearing guides on the horizontal, vertical, or both axes and keeping them parallel to each other. Regardless of the type of deviation, the result is uneven load on the rolling elements and raceway surfaces of the bearing, including excessive point loads. These uneven loads often cause wear in the form of depressions. At a certain point in time, even when the guide rails have not yet suffered major damage, the dents may cause noise and slow operation of the linear bearings. By reducing the operating life of linear bearings, deviations can be a significant cost driver for machine manufacturers. When linear bearings fail prematurely, machine manufacturers bear higher warranty costs, not to mention the intangible cost of impaired quality and reputation.
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