Simple and practical cleaning method for ball transfer units

Simple and practical cleaning method for ball transfer units

Ball transfer units(also called universal ball bearings) are important accessories in many industries and have very good lubrication properties. Universal ball bearings can be subdivided into light-punching and heavy-duty models depending on the load, and the materials are different. Some common industries are mostly stainless steel and nylon, and the application is very popular. We all know that universal ball bearings need to be cleaned regularly in order to reduce corrosion. Xiaobian teaches you how to quickly clean.
The universal ball bearing body is self-lubricating and self-draining, but some environments are very harsh. For example, casting sand, stains and other stains that are easily brought into the ball cavity will affect the use of the universal ball to a certain extent. The solution to this situation is to immerse the universal ball with diesel or kerosene, and then rotate the ball to clean the universal ball, thereby increasing the service life and saving costs.
The cleaning method of the universal ball bearing is relatively simple, and the regular cleaning has a far-reaching significance for the universal bearing. However, we should be careful when choosing diesel or kerosene, and the quality should be guaranteed.
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