SKF Low Friction Engine Seal Helps Reduce Energy Use and CO2 Emissions in Automobiles

SKF Low Friction Engine Seal Helps Reduce Energy Use and CO2 Emissions in Automobiles

SKF reported that the SKF Low Friction Engine Seal is part of the BeyondZero Portfolio. The seal reduces friction by up to 55%, which provides a CO2 savings of over 1 g per kilometre. Based on an annual mileage of 14,500km, this equates to a reduction of 14.5 kg/ CO2 per year. If one million cars were equipped with the SKF solution the reduction would be 14,500 tonnes of CO2 per year. Results are applicable to four seals* used in a 4-cylinder gasoline engine mid-size passenger car.
"SKF has a strong focus on sustainability and our low friction seal generation addresses the current automotive industry needs of reducing fuel consumption and emissions," says William Schaid, Vice President Global Technology, SKF Automotive Sealing Solutions.

The seal has a low friction elastomer lip design which is based on the wafer technology used for PTFE shaft seals. However, the new seals use a specially formulated FKM material that is engineered with improved compression set and relaxation properties resulting in better performance without the added cost of a mechanical spring. The result is a seal design that provides very low friction, outstanding sealing security and long service life.

Now in full production, SKF Low Friction Engine Seals are available for all rotating shafts, primarily in engines, but also in transmissions. Special custom designs are available, e.g. plastic bayonet fitting, and also for SKF ROTOSTAT sealing modules.
  • Reduces friction by up to 55% with minimal shaft wear
  • Outstanding sealing security for long life
  • Gas tight sealing lip for the engine air leak test
  • Variety of outer diameter designs for best installation and retention of the seal
* The combined weight of the seals is 290 grams.
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