The difference between linear guide bearings and linear guides

The difference between linear guide bearings and linear guides

Linear guide bearings are a common name for some people. They generally refer to linear optical axes (including various flanged linear bearing blocks), linear guide optical axes, and linear circular guides (including linear guide housing assembly sliding units and flanged guide shaft supports.

Linear guides and linear guide bearings are essentially two product accessories: Linear guides are a type of transmission movement. The track is reciprocating linearly from the specified point to the next point. The appearance of the linear guide bearing is obviously different from the appearance of the linear guide: the guide shaft of the linear guide shaft bearing is in the shape of a rolling barrel; and the shaft of the linear guide is a square structure. The linear optical axis is a linear motion system used for linear bearings in conjunction with cylindrical shafts. Since the bearing ball is in contact with the bearing shell, the steel ball rolls with the minimum frictional resistance, so the linear optical axis has small friction and is relatively stable, does not change with the bearing speed, and can obtain a smooth linear motion with high sensitivity and high precision. The linear optical axis consumption also has its limitations. The most important thing is that the linear bearing has poor impact load capacity and poor carrying capacity. Secondly, the linear bearing has large vibration and noise during high-speed motion.

The linear guide bearing and the linear guide are similar in function and support and guidance. The main difference lies in the installation position: the linear guide bearing is generally fixed at both ends, and the intermediate suspended connecting member covers all or most of the radial direction of the optical axis; linear guides generally have their sides all in close contact with the equipment mounting base and are bolted.
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