Two installation methods of pillow block bearing

Two installation methods of pillow block bearing

1. Press fit method

The bearing can be press-fitted on the shaft with a press, and then the shaft and the bearing are installed together into the bearing housing hole. When pressing, pay attention to the end face of the inner ring of the bearing, and a mounting sleeve made of soft metal material is placed on the pad. Tube, and the inner diameter of the fitting sleeve is larger than the diameter of the journal, and the outer diameter should be smaller than the inner ring rib of the bearing. The outer ring of the bearing should be closely matched with the hole of the pillow block. If the inner ring and the shaft are loosely fitted, the bearing can be first pressed into the hole of the pillow block. At this time, it should be noted that the outer diameter of the assembling sleeve should be smaller than the diameter of the housing hole. If the bearing ring is tightly fitted to the shaft and the housing hole, press the inner and outer rings into the shaft and the seat hole at the same time.

2. Heating method

This is a commonly used, relatively labor-saving installation method that uses a thermal expansion to transform the tight fit into a loose fit. Firstly, the bearing or the ferrule of the separable bearing should be placed in the fuel tank for uniform heating. The temperature range is generally 80-100 ° C. After heating, take it out of the fuel tank and install it on the shaft as soon as possible. In order to avoid bearing cooling, The inner ring end face and the shoulder shoulder are not tightly fitted, and the axial fastening can be performed.

When the outer ring of the bearing is closely matched with the bearing housing, the method of heating the bearing housing can avoid the abrasion of the mating surface. When heating the bearing with the fuel tank, the bearing cannot be placed directly on the bottom of the box. A grid should be placed at a certain distance from the bottom of the box, or the bearing should be hung directly with a hook. In addition, a thermometer must be provided in the tank to control the oil temperature. Not more than 100 ° C, in case of tempering effect, resulting in reduced ferrule hardness.
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