Ways to Improve Service Life of ATV Wheel Bearings

Ways to Improve Service Life of ATV Wheel Bearings

1. Grasp the Lubrication, Installation and Sealing Technology of Bearings
Firstly, when adding grease to ATV wheel bearings, we should fully calculate the amount of grease to avoid too much or too little, and ensure that the quality of grease itself passes through and that there is no foreign matter in the grease.

Secondly, do a good job of bearing installation, especially the adjustment of bearing clearance. The clearance should be pre-set by the bearing manufacturer before leaving the factory, so as to avoid improper adjustment of the clearance in the subsequent installation process.
Thirdly, in order to avoid the excessive friction caused by impurities in the external environment, scientific and effective sealing measures should be taken. Generally, the way of installing sealing rings is adopted. The material of bearing sealing rings should not only be strictly sealed, but also have enough heat resistance. The best way to install bearing sealing rings is to install them in advance before leaving the factory.

2. Clean Smelting Technology of Bearing Materials Clean smelting technology can be used to improve the performance of bearing steel.

3. Bearing Surface Modification Technology As the surface layer of ATV wheel bearing is one of the key factors to determine its service life, the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of rolling parts and inner and outer raceways of bearings can be improved by modifying the surface of bearings, so as to prolong the service life of bearings. Specifically, the following measures can be taken: (1) The bearing surface can be carburized. (2) The bearing surface can be modified by advanced laser surface modification method. (3) The wear resistance of each contact surface of the bearing can be significantly improved by ion implantation technology.
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