What are precision machined parts

What are precision machined parts

Precision machining is the process of changing the shape, size or performance of the original parts by using precision mechanical equipment like CNC or other machine tools. According to the difference in processing methods, it can be divided into cutting processing and pressure processing. The mechanical processing method generally refers to a way of cutting, grinding and chipping metal materials by machinery.

The machining tools for manufacturing precision metal parts mainly include milling machines, grinders, precision lathes, CNC, etc. They can process precision parts such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc., and can complete various irregular shaped parts, and the highest machining accuracy can reach 10μm. With the rapid development of machining technology, many advanced machining methods have gradually emerged, such as micro machining technology, rapid prototyping technology, and ultra-precision machining technology.

ISUTAMI can customize high-precision machined parts of required materials in low MOQ according to customers' drawings.
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