Why choose stainless steel bearings

Why choose stainless steel bearings

Compared with ordinary bearings, stainless steel bearings not only have obvious advantages in materials, but also have stricter control on precision in process and precision than ordinary bearings. Stainless steel bearings work stably during operation, with low noise, corrosion resistance and wide application.

Stainless steel bearings can organize batch production, achieving high strength and high precision. It can be used in a wide range of products that are easy to corrode and corrode. The high-performance stainless steel bearing also provides high precision and wear resistance comparable to high carbon chrome steel on the basis of clean and corrosion resistance, and the accuracy is up to ISO standard ABEC-1. Vibration level Z1 group and above.

Stainless steel bearing product characteristics

The bearing ring and rolling element material are vacuum-quenched and tempered by AISI SUS440C stainless steel. The frame material of the cage and seal ring is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Compared with ordinary bearing steel, stainless steel bearings have stronger rust and corrosion resistance. Choose suitable lubricants, dustproof covers, etc., and can be used in the environment of -60 ° C ~ +300 ° C. Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings are equipped with dust caps. [2] Some are also equipped with contact seals. Bearings with dust caps or seals on both sides are lubricated for life without maintenance. Stainless steel bearings are widely used in food processing, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical machinery due to their high mechanical strength and load capacity.

Stainless steel bearing advantages

1. Excellent corrosion resistance: stainless steel bearings are not easy to rust and have strong corrosion resistance.
2. Washable: stainless steel bearings can be washed down without having to re-lubricate to prevent rusting punishment.
3. Can run on the liquid: due to the materials used, we can run the bearings and housings in the liquid.
4. The depletion speed is slow: AISI 316 stainless steel, no oil or grease anti-corrosion protection. Therefore, if the speed and load are low, there is no need to lubricate.
5. Hygiene: Stainless steel is naturally clean and non-corrosive.
6. High heat resistance: Stainless steel bearings are equipped with high temperature polymer cages or cages that are not in a complete complementary structure and can operate at higher temperatures ranging from 180°F to 1000°F. (Need to be equipped with high temperature grease)
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