Notes For Mounting Pillow Block Spherical Bearing

Notes For Mounting Pillow Block Spherical Bearing

It is easy to occur in winter, when bearing pure radial load, it is easy to occur in the case of large radial clearance, and depending on the size of the type of spherical bearing with seat, it is easy to occur in a specific range of speed, both continuously and intermittently.

Proper mounting is very important for the use of spherical bearings with mounting.

Installation method is as follows:

During installation, mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods can be selected according to the type and size. Never transfer the force exerted on a spherical bearing with a seat from one bearing ring to another through a roller, otherwise it may cause damage to the raceway. Under no circumstances may the bearing ring, cage, roller, or seal be struck directly.

Install eccentric sleeve. Firstly, put the eccentric sleeve on the eccentric step of the inner sleeve of the bearing and tighten it with the rotation direction of the clockwise axis. Then insert the small iron rod into or against the counterbore of the eccentric sleeve. Hit the small iron rod with the rotation direction of the clockwise axis of the hammer to ensure the installation of the eccentric sleeve and finally tighten the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve.

Do not tighten the bolts to fix the bearing seat, but let the outer spherical bearing jacket with seat rotate in the bearing seat. Then tighten the bearing seat bolts. Also install the other end of the same shaft bearing and seat, will turn the shaft several times, so that the bearing itself automatically find the right position.

Grease the mating surface of the bearing seat and the bearing, and load the bearing into the bearing seat. Then the assembled bearing and the bearing seat are sleeved on the shaft and pushed to the required position for installation.

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