The Brief Introduction of Production And Processing Methods of Ball Bearing

The Brief Introduction of Production And Processing Methods of Ball Bearing

I. processing of bearing rings

1, forging processing forging processing is the primary processing of bearing ring processing, also known as blank processing.

2. The main effect of annealing ring annealing is to obtain the microstructure of fine, small, even and round carbide particles evenly distributed on the ferrite matrix, so as to prepare the microstructure for subsequent cold processing and final quenching and tempering.

3.turning processing turning processing is the semi-finished processing of bearing ring, can also be said to be forming processing.

4.Heat treatment heat treatment is the key processing procedure to improve the internal quality of bearing

5.Grinding processing grinding processing is the final processing of bearing ring and roller processing, known as finished product processing.

II. Processing method of bearing ball

1. Blank making: various ball blanks are made by various technological methods.

2. Rough grinding: put the ball blank into two concentric rings with the same size of upper and lower grinding disks with triangular grooves, which are matched with the size of the blank, and add grinding oil and coarse abrasive. The upper grinding disc rotates and the lower grinding disc does not move.

3. Cleaning: clean the grinding oil and coarse abrasive residues stuck on the surface of the ball after each rough grinding.

4. Fine grinding: put the roughened blank into the fine grinding machine, add ultra-fine grinding oil with low viscosity and fine abrasive to grind to the standard size;

5. Polishing: the process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding.

Bearing assembly

Bearing assembly is the last step in bearing production, which has important influence on bearing performance. According to different technical requirements, the parts processed by various processes are assembled into various precision, various clearance and other special requirements of bearing products. As a wholesale supplier of ball bearings, Ningbo Isutamei bearing co., LTD. Has long been selling various ball bearings, welcome to order!
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