Tips For Fixing Cars

Tips For Fixing Cars

When replacing the rubber cartridge bearing of the suspension supporting shaft of Santana car, it is generally necessary to remove the shock absorber and remove the spiral spring. This is not only laborious and time-consuming, but also dangerous. Is there a simple way to cut down on parts and save time? If the use of body weight disassembly, can achieve this effect.

Remove the front shock absorber fixing screw, then, lift the car lift, so, the front shock absorber should be in the weight drop 4 ~ 5cm, with a flat shovel and hammer upward hit the rubber bearing under the positioning plate, so that the suspension support shaft rubber box bearing will pop up. Just hook the bearing out with a wire.

When installing the bearings, first put the bearings in place, and then put the car down from the lift, so that the bearings will be the car from the weight in. Tighten the shock absorber mounting screws. The process of replacing the rubber cartridge bearing of the suspension supporting shaft is completed.

With the help of the car's own weight, not only saves a lot of trouble in the assembly and disassembly process, but also saves a lot of time. In fact, in the maintenance work with the body weight of the car is still very broad application range. For example, when assembling an engine, the fixation between the body and the body can make use of the body weight; In order to prevent the engine from excessive tilting, the body weight can be used. The body weight can also be used when disassembling tires and ball heads. As long as willing to study hard, clever borrowing outside things, often can achieve the effect of "four Liang pull a thousand jin".

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